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Checking-In to the RCI® Elite Rewards Mastercard®   

The RCI® Elite Rewards Mastercard® is a basic, no-frills hotel card for members of the RCI timeshare program who want to earn rewards to help pay membership or resort fees or book travel through Barclays. The card earns 5x points per dollar with RCI purchases, 2x points on travel purchases, and single points per dollar for everything else. Points earned are redeemable for RCI fees, Barclays-booked travel, or RCI credits. New account holders receive a 2,500-point bonus when they use their card to make a first purchase. The card charges no foreign transaction fees and has no annual fee. 

How it Works 

Earning Points: 

  • Earn Points with RCI Purchases: Cardmembers earn 5x points per dollar on every purchase with RCI. 
  • Earn Points on Travel: Cardmembers earn double points per dollar when they use their card to make eligible travel purchases. 
  • Earn with Everything Else: All other purchases with the RCI Mastercard earn a single point for every dollar spent. 

Redeeming Points: 

  • RCI Members Credit: Points earned with the card are redeemable towards RCI members credits, good for exchange fees and membership renewals. 
  • Travel: Rewards points are also applicable to flights, car rentals, and hotels booked through BarclaysUS.com. 
  • Cash Back: Points are also redeemable for cashback to help pay RCI resort fees. 
  • Get 5% Rewards Back: RCI®  rewards redemptions earn an automatic 5% back, helping cardholders save towards their next redemption. 

Today’s Bonus Offer 

New cardholders receive 2,500 bonus points when they use their card to make an initial purchase. Those 2,500 bonus points are equivalent to $25 in RCI members rewards. 

Hotel Perks: 

  • $250 Vacation Credit: Cardholders earn a $250 RCI vacation credit when they use their card to make $10,000 of purchases in a calendar year. 

Cardholder Protections: 

  • Extended Warranty: Cardholders receive extended warranty protections for an additional year on all products purchases featuring warranties with their RCI® Elite Rewards Mastercard®. 
  • Price Protection: Cardholders don’t need to worry if they find their purchase cheaper elsewhere, as Mastercard gives them comprehensive purchase protection. 

Getting Under the Sheets with the RCI® Elite Rewards Mastercard®  

  • Annual Fee: The card features no annual fee. 

“Suite” Perks That Make the RCI® Elite Rewards Mastercard® Worthwhile: 

No Foreign Transaction Fee: The RCI card doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees, making it a useful tool when visiting a timeshare abroad. 

No Annual Fee: The card also does not charge an annual fee, which is always a pleasant surprise with a hotel rewards card. 

“Reservations” About the RCI® Elite Rewards Mastercard®:  

Lack of Value: As just noted, the RCI® ERewards Card doesn’t provide much value beyond its lack of annual fee and foreign transaction fees. While the addition of a 0% intro APR on balance transfers is excellent, it isn’t enough to propel this card into the ranks of other, more impressive hotel rewards credit cards. 

Time to Check-Out 

What, then, should we make of the RCI® Elite Rewards Mastercard®? For those who are members of the RCI timeshare program, the card may offer some surprising value. 5x points for RCI purchases, as well as 2x points for eligible travel, can go a long way in helping recoup some of the expenses that come with booking a timeshare getaway. This value is further boosted with the ability to use rewards points towards RCI membership fees and costs. 

Ultimately, however, the RCI® Elite Rewards Mastercard® fails to escape the niche into which it is placed. For anyone other than a frequent timeshare enthusiast, the card has relatively little value. While no annual fees or foreign transaction fee help some, there isn’t enough justifiable benefit for those not connected to RCI. This, however, is a moot point, as that is precisely whom the RCI® Elite Rewards Mastercard® is aimed at. 

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