Business Hotel Cards

Whether you're traveling for business or for pleasure, there are hotel rewards offers available for you. Business owners will revel in the ability to make each trip a bit of both; charge your everyday business expenditures to your new card and earn rewards like upgraded rooms, spa treatments, breakfasts and more – even as you recharge in your swanky hotel room before your next meeting. Browse credit card offers from our partners below:


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Business Hotel Cards

If mergers, deals, contracts, or client-meetings are the reason for your travel, business hotel cards are a fantastic option that allows business travelers to earn hotel rewards for office-related purchases. Everyday office necessities such as wireless internet and other telecom services can put the frequently flying well on their way towards free hotel stay or hotel upgrades.

While small business owners could certainly partake in the many perks that business hotel cards have to offer, these types of reward credit cards might prove more beneficial to more established businesses. The high spending requirement to unlock some of the top tier rewards could be more than a few grand shy of being small business-friendly.

Who Benefits Most from a Business Card with Hotel Rewards?  

Businesses that have higher overhead costs and spending thresholds will find themselves better positioned to take advantage of the rewards offered for reaching spending minimums that often exceed tens of thousands. Although startups might also have the high costs associated with starting a business, the high spend may not be sustainable and thus limiting their ability to enjoy the benefits of a business hotel card in the long term.

However, business-size aside, those with above-average amounts of travel involved, perhaps due to the nature of the industry, would easily be able to reap the benefits of a co-branded hotel credit card. Companies with salesmen that frequently travel to meet with clients would greatly benefit from hotel cards, as their travel expenses could be used on the company card and expedite rewards points.

The Differences Between a Business and Personal Credit Card 

Hotel benefits of co-branded business cards and personal credit cards are typically quite similar – both usually include elevated membership status, award nights, and identical bonuses for hotel-related purchases. Even the application processes for both are strikingly similar, with either type of application likely pulling from your personal credit score.

With these types of cards having more similarities than differences, deciding whether to apply for a business credit card or a personal one can be a tricky decision. However, there are a few subtle – but significant – differences that could tip the scale in favor of opening a building credit card instead of a personal card.

Spending Requirements 

The most notable difference between a business credit card and a personal one is that business cards tend to have higher spending requirements in order to qualify for bonuses, whether they’re introductory offers or a cardholder anniversary reward.

Employee Spending 

Plenty of personal credit cards offer authorized users, but business cards give owners more control when it comes to monitoring the spending of their employees. Along with the ability to control individual spending limits, get itemized spending reports, and built-in tools to keep track of receipts, business cards are particularly inclined to help business owners track all business expenditures.

Credit Reporting 

Just as individuals have their financial activity reported to bureaus like Equifax, Experian, and Transunion, businesses have their own credit bureaus. These are used to determine ratings and credit scores in businesses, which can affect whether a business is approved for a loan or the interest rate for it.

Why Choose a Business Hotel Card 

The biggest benefit to opening a business hotel credit card is the ability to positively impact your business credit score. Doing so can open many more financial doors for your company than your personal credit score could, allowing you access to high loan limits, lower interest rates, more leasing opportunities, and more.

If your goal is to grow your small business into a full-blown enterprise, a business hotel card will not only provide long-standing rewards on all of the expenses it requires to grow it but will be able to scale along with your thriving business.

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