No Annual Fee

If you'd like hotel perks but don't want to spend an inordinate amount of money right off the bat, you won't have to look far. Spend your money on what you want to spend it on instead of a yearly fee, with these great hotel credit card offers; none of them feature an annual fee, so you'll find tons of great hotel rewards cards that offer hotel freebies and upgrades - completely at no cost to you. Browse credit card offers from our partners below:


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No Annual Fee Hotel Cards

Reap all the benefits of a co-branded hotel credit card without any of the upfront costs. Although there may be no annual fee, several hotels offer credit cards that boast signup bonuses, bonus points, complimentary stay, award nights, and elevated membership status just as their premium versions of credit cards have.

Analyzing your existing and upcoming travel plans will play the biggest role in determining whether a hotel card without an annual fee is your best option. Heavy travelers will almost always be better served to go with a premium credit card since the majority of hotel reward programs offer perks based on the sheer quantity of hotel bookings.

If you’re not sure what “heavy” entails, take a look at your hotel’s membership chart. Their membership tiers offer an easy insight into the amount of hotel stay you should set as a minimum. If you’re balking at the number of nightly stays it would take to move up from the basic membership level – the free version of a hotel credit card is probably a good match for you. If you find that your upcoming travel plans will land in you in the upper tiers of their membership chart, then consider the premium version of the card.

Should You Apply for a No Annual Fee Card or the Premium Version? 

No annual fee credit cards offer a hassle-free way to expedite your earnings within your favorite hotel loyalty program. Since they don’t require any out-of-pocket fees, these types of cards are perfect for folks who may not travel enough to warrant paying for hotel-related perks.

The easiest way to determine whether applying for a card with an annual fee is right for you is to 1) examine your current traveling habits 2) check if your spending levels match the minimums that premium card requires to qualify for bonuses.

Downgrading to a Card with No Annual Fee 

An alternative reason why you may be considering a hotel card with no annual fee is that your travel needs have changed. Whether you were traveling for business or pleasure, if you’re not flying to destinations as often, you may find no longer need the premium paid version of a hotel credit card or that you are unable to take advantage of the perks the card offers you.

If you find yourself in this boat, downgrading to a no annual fee card is a great alternative to closing a credit card – they account stays open (which is good for your credit history) but you are no longer obligated to pay the costs of the premium card. If you decide to ramp up your travel plans don’t worry, this option works the other way as well.

Say you start off with a no annual fee version of a card and you love the perks. If you’re confident that your upcoming travel plans will be increasing for the next few years, you could upgrade your card to the premium version and experience the top tier of hotel credit card perks.

Whether you want to upgrade or downgrade your credit card, simply call the card issuer and let them know. The one caveat, you may not be eligible to earn the signup bonus of the card you are switching to.

Browse the best no annual fee hotel credit cards and regardless of what you pick, you can rest easy that you’re not “stuck” with the basic version and can always upgrade if you so choose.

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