Hotel Card Features

Trying to find particular hotel card features? Finding your ideal credit card can be difficult - and this is especially true when trying to find the right co-branded hotel credit card. Co-branded credit cards vary from general travel credit cards in that they offer perks and bonuses that are tied to specific hotel chains, such as Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott Bonvoy, Best Western, and more. Co-branded hotel card features include hotel perks, such as complimentary stays, free breakfast, early check-in/ late check-out, and anniversary bonuses; or card-centric perks such as no foreign transaction fees, no annual fee, 0% intro APR, and more. No matter what you are looking for in a hotel rewards card,  you are sure to find it at Browse credit card offers from our partners below.
free room upgrades

01 Feb: Room Upgrade

Looking for a credit card that can accommodate your taste for the finer things? Explore hotel cards that offer complimentary room upgrades and instantly elevate your travel plans. Room upgrades are typically earned by reaching a specific spending amount, booking a certain number of nights at the respective hotel, or sometimes awarded simply for being a cardholder. Browse credit card offers from our partners below:
free night stay

01 Feb: Complimentary Stay

A complimentary stay is one of the most common - but best - hotel rewards available. Free nights may be the result of reaching a minimum number of stays, accruing a set number of points, or through a co-branded credit card. Explore hotel credit cards that provide a complimentary stay and browse card offers from our partners below:
complimentary breakfast

01 Feb: Complimentary Breakfast

Hungry for hotel perks? You can ensure your hotel experience is a delicious one when your hotel card offers complimentary breakfast. Enjoy the ease of waking up and knowing your first meal of the day is already handled. Explore offers from our partners and browse hotel cards with complimentary breakfast below:
bombardment anniversary

01 Feb: Anniversary Bonus

Get rewarded for being a hotel rewards card owner – no purchase required. Explore hotel cards that offer an anniversary bonus and enjoy sweet perks like bonus points, complimentary hotel stays, and more – just for being a cardholder! Browse credit card offers from our partners below:
business credit card

01 Feb: Business Hotel Cards

Whether you're traveling for business or for pleasure, there are hotel rewards offers available for you. Business owners will revel in the ability to make each trip a bit of both; charge your everyday business expenditures to your new card and earn rewards like upgraded rooms, spa treatments, breakfasts and more – even as you recharge in your swanky hotel room before your next meeting. Browse credit card offers from our partners below:
no foreign exchange fee

01 Feb: No Foreign Transaction Fee

For the who frequent traveler who regularly finds themselves abroad and likes to swipe overseas, using a card with no foreign transaction fees allows you to avoid being penalized for international purchases, including hotel bookings. Not only does this save you big bucks, but each purchase brings you closer to earning a free or discounted overnight stay upgrades, and more - so that you’ll wake up energized and refreshed and do it all over again. Browse credit card offers from our partners below:
no annual fee

01 Feb: No Annual Fee

If you'd like hotel perks but don't want to spend an inordinate amount of money right off the bat, you won't have to look far. Spend your money on what you want to spend it on instead of a yearly fee, with these great hotel credit card offers; none of them feature an annual fee, so you'll find tons of great hotel rewards cards that offer hotel freebies and upgrades - completely at no cost to you. Browse credit card offers from our partners below:
Credit Cards with 0% introductory APR

01 Feb: 0% Intro APR

Paying for purchases both large and small is easier - and cheaper - with a 0% intro APR offer – but the perks don’t have to stop there. For those who are eyeing travel plans, a hotel rewards card can be a great credit card option; look for a hotel credit card with introductory APR if you plan to make a large purchase to fund your upcoming vacation or are planning to book a hotel for a business trip. Browse 0% intro APR credit card offers from our partners below: